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From Our Customers... We are Listening!

We give each customer an opportunity to rate our service with a survey titled “We are Listening…” These come straight to our founder, Vicki D. Jones, and encourage you to write a personal note to her, in addition to the typical customer service questions. She even personally responds to each review. Please read through a few of the reviews she receives daily from our customers. Enjoy! You’ll understand more about how we will make a positive difference in the way you look and feel about yourself, too. And please know that Vicki will look forward to receiving a review from you, too.

  • Dear Vicki, I am humbled and grateful to Maddie and the gals at Women's Health Boutique. In a time of emotional fragility and uncertainty, they helped me find a perfect wig - all while making me feel comfortable and special. They were all so helpful, and Maddie went out of her way to make sure all my needs were met. Such a great place for women who find themselves on a journey they did not choose. These ladies are angels along the way!
  • Trish, Plano
  • Dear Vicki, Maddie helped me two years ago when I first had surgery, and I was happy to get her help again. Her kindness, professionalism, and knowledge is very appreciated.  
  • Beverly, Plano
  • Dear Vicki, The compassion, understanding, and love that Jeanie shows makes going through this time of my life easier. Her heart is pure!
  • Beverly C., Longview
  • Dear Vicki, This was my third visit to your Oak Cliff center. Thank you for providing excellent customer service. Your time eases the challenges of these health situations!
  • Charlene J., Oak Cliff
  • I am a 40 year breast cancer survivor! I have been to many suppliers over the years and I must say, I have never felt the warmth and caring as Maddie showed me during my two recent visits. She was so knowledgeable and helpful. I am so lucky to have found her and your shop!
  • Ann Terrell, [email protected], Plano
  • I am beyond pleased with the Woman’s Health Boutique. I had a mastectomy after breast cancer in 2018. The company that had been supplying my compression bras told me that they no longer worked with my insurance. I had been calling different companies with no luck. Finally, I contacted Prairie Wear directly. They were so helpful and provided contact information for the Woman’s Health Boutique. From there, it was a breeze. I chose my items online and submitted my insurance information. I payed what insurance didn’t cover, and in a few days I received the bras in the mail. Thank you so much! I will be ordering from you again!
  • Sue Ybarra, [email protected], Alvarado, TX
  • Dear Vicki, Caroline was so kind, patient, & knowledgeable. She helped put me at ease and showed me how to put the sleeve on.
  • Juanita, Plano
  • Dear Vicki, Women's Health Boutique is a place of comfort and empowerment following difficult health circumstances. Thank you!
  • Leslie R., Oak Cliff
  • Dear Vicki, Phyllis was an absolute God send from the first day I walked into Women's Health Boutique. She is so patient and understanding. You can tell she genuinely wants to improve the lives of her patients.
  • Lindsie, Longview
  • Dear Vicki, I had no idea a place like this existed, and a friend of mine found it on Google for me. I hit the jackpot! A soothing atmosphere with beautiful decor. I bonded with Kim immediately and she truly knows her stuff! A real confidence booster! I needed this to wear at my granddaughter's wedding next week. I was so lopsided and cried today when I was even again. It's been 17 years since my surgery. 
  • Marti M., Farmersville
  • Dear Vicki, Your store is the best! Everyone is very good at what they do. Meghan helped me with purchasing wigs. Jeanie was great as well. Very knowledgeable!
  • Mary C., Longview
  • Dear Vicki, I was very nervous when I entered your store. The moment Carrie greeted me she made me feel very comfortable. She helped me with all my needs. She is a wonderful asset to your business.
  • Reta, Longview
  • Dear Vicki, Corenda was a God send! She has a beautiful soul and she allowed me to relax and be my natural self. The boutique is beautiful & intimate and I absolutely loved my experience there. Thank you Corenda, and God Bless!!!
  • Shenica, Oak Cliff
  • Dear Vicki, Maddie was the sweetest person, and so helpful in answering all my questions.
  • Terri, Plano
  • Corenda was such a pleasure to work with. She made me feel comfortable and safe in such a vulnerable time in my life. I really appreciated her kindness and knowledge about my products. I couldn't have received a better assistant on that day! She is a true gem.
  • Yolanda Larrymore, Oak Cliff
  • Maddie is super! She was very helpful and took the time to go over and explain everything to me. This was my 1st time time to this location and I was super impressed. I have never been treated and given information like Maddie took the time to explain all. She made me feel so important and answered everything I asked. I will definitely make this my store and will highly recommend. She went above and beyond. Thank you to Maddie - a good Christian woman!
  • Stepanie Evans, Plano

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