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Custom Prosthesis

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Q. Will my insurance cover a custom prosthesis?

A. Many insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna Healthcare, and most Medicaid plans will cover a custom prosthesis when medical necessity is met.  Most all Aetna plans follow Medicare guidelines and consider them cosmetic and not medically necessary.  Call the Women’s Health Boutique nearest you and ask for a Mastectomy Fitter.  We will check your insurance benefits to see if a custom prosthesis is covered under your plan.

Q.  Will Medicare cover a custom prosthesis?

A.  No, unfortunately Medicare considers a custom prosthesis cosmetic and not medically necessary.  Most of the Medicare advantage plans and some insurance plans are now following Medicare guidelines too, concerning non-coverage of a custom prosthesis.

Q.  How often will my insurance allow me to get a new custom prosthesis? 

A.  Most insurance plans will cover a custom prosthesis every two years unless medical necessity requires one sooner. 

Q.  How long will my custom breast prosthesis last?

A. With proper care, your Radiant Impressions custom prosthesis should give you years of wear.  They are made from a natural silicone that resists bacteria and is quite durable.  Radiant Impressions does carry a two-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.  After extended wear, small tears in the silicone on the back of the prosthesis are common, and do not affect the life or use of the prosthesis at all.  

Q. Can I wear my custom prosthesis in a pocket in the bra.

A. They are designed and made to be worn directly against the skin.  The back of the custom prosthesis is contoured to fit your chest wall, so it functions best resting directly against your skin.  This also prevents movement of the prosthesis, so you maintain a beautiful natural look.  However, it can be worn in a pocketed bra if it is made with the intent to be worn in a pocket.

Q. How do I care for my custom prosthesis?

A. The best way to care for the custom prosthesis is to wash it with mild soap and water.  Gentle dish liquid works fine but special prosthesis wash is available.  Simply air-dry pat dry with a soft towel.  It is best to store your prosthesis, front side down, it the cradle case provided.  

Q. Can I swim in my custom prosthesis?

A. Yes, just be sure to wash the prosthesis with mild soap and water after swimming in saltwater or chlorine water.  A Radiant Impressions custom prosthesis can also be worn in the hot tub.