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Pre-Natal & Post-Natal

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Q. What can alleviate the pain in my lower back?

A. A properly fitted maternity support relieves abdominal pressure, pelvic pressure and low back pain.  Many insurance companies including Medicaid, allow for this.  We can check your insurance benefits to see what your plan allows.

Q. Is there a difference between maternity and nursing bras?

A. Maternity bras should be custom fitted during the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy; being designed to expand with the breast and rib cage. The cup size of your nursing bra will be at least 1 to 1-1/2 sizes larger than your maternity bra and should provide more support.

Q. Are swollen ankles and achy legs during pregnancy something I just have to endure?

A. No, but this is very common due to the increased pressure on your veins from weight, greater blood flow to and from the womb, and hormone changes. Light or moderate pressure maternity hose will relieve leg fatigue. For severe varicose veins or persistent swelling, your doctor may prescribe a higher compression stocking.  We can also check your insurance benefits to see if your plan allows compression hose during pregnancy.

Q. Can I wear the maternity support to bed?

A. No.  You will find that if you wear it throughout the day while running errands or working, you are relieving the pressure off your lower lumbar, hips and pelvic area.   It also gives additional abdominal support.  

Q. Do you carry postpartum belly supports? 

A. These are available by special order; however our maternity support can be worn in reverse after the baby comes, and is an excellent support for those muscles, especially after cesarean.