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Wig Care

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Q. How do I wash my wig?

A. To wash your synthetic wig, fill the sink with cool water, add shampoo, agitate with hand to create soapy water. Dip wig in and out three or four times. 

~ To rinse, hold the wig under the faucet and let water run through the mesh base. Rinsing in this direction will prevent the hair from tangling inside the mesh base

~ To dry, simply roll the wig in a towel and blot dry. Remove and shake gently. Spray with setting lotion, turn inside out and allow to dry on a clean towel overnight.

~ When completely dry, place on wig stand an arrange curl pattern with fingers.

~ Wash your wig at least every other week; weekly when wig styling sprays are used.

~ Condition wig every other shampoo and use only a conditioner specially formulated for wigs.

~ Only use water soluble hair spray specially formulated for wigs – lacquer sprays will coat the wig. Use wig sheen when needed to restore shine.

~ Do not use hair dryers, curling irons or hot rollers on your synthetic wig. Sponge or brush rollers can be used.

~ Use a plastic, wire or natural bristle bush. Light, short strokes give the best styling results, where as heavy brushing “packs” the hair fibers.

~ Avoid direct heat or steam from oven or fire. Consider wearing a turban while cooking to avoid singeing the wig.

~ When not wearing your wig, place it on wire stand so the shape will stay intact. The wire stand also allows the wig to air out.

~ To preserve the styling, we suggest you not ear your wig while sleeping.