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WHB Line of Prosthesis

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Discover our exclusive WHB Line of Prostheses

WHB Silicone Lite Line of Prostheses


Q.  Who designed the WHB Prosthesis?

A.  Our founder, Vicki D. Jones, along with a team of prosthesis design experts. After years of prosthesis fittings and listening to her customers’ needs and desires, she knew she could design a better prosthesis.  One that molded and changed shape within the bra of choice, just like a natural breast.  She put her bachelor’s and master’s degree in art and design to work.  It was several years in the design and production stages.  At the time, her lite and moldable design was revolutionary.  Today it is industry standard. 

Q.  What makes a WHB prosthesis different? 

A.  Each has a softness that allows the prosthesis to be shaped by the bra just like a breast.  A proper bra fit is crucial to a proper prosthesis fit, and the beauty of a WHB prosthesis is that you can change bra styles without compromising your prosthesis fit.

Q. Where can I get a WHB prosthesis?

A.  The WHB Lite line of prostheses is exclusive to Women’s Health Boutique.  They are available in our five boutique locations in the Dallas metroplex, Plano and East Texas areas, as well as through our Online Boutique.  Also, all our sister boutiques (former Women’s Health Boutique franchises) are authorized to carry the WHB Lite line.  Click here to see Our Locations page to find the boutique nearest you and a list of our sister boutiques. 

Q.  What are the shapes and sizes of a WHB Prosthesis?

A.  The WHB Lite Line includes four different shapes in sizes from 1-12, in flesh and sable colors.   WHB Silicone Light is triangular with a very natural drape.  WHB Moldable Lite is triangular with a moldable silicone layer on the back that allows body movement without prosthesis movement across the chest wall.  The WHB Full Lite is triangular with a larger front area and a flat back.  Our WHB Lux Lite is asymmetrical with a fuller tail under the arm.