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Post Reconstruction

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Q.  Will my health insurance cover post-mastectomy products if I had breast reconstruction?

A.  Yes, your health insurance should cover bras, breast prosthesis, breast forms and camisoles whether you had breast reconstruction if they are medically necessary.  If you find your breast reconstruction as unfavorable, or has left you un-symmetrical, your insurance should cover a breast prosthesis overlay or partial prosthesis for a more symmetrical look.  As a courtesy we will be happy to verify your benefits.

Q. Will my skin need attention after breast surgery?

A. Yes, your skin needs deep moisturizing to prevent dryness and sensitivity, and to promote healing; especially if you undergo radiation or chemotherapy treatment.  Vitamin A or Vitamin E creams without paraffin are recommended.

Q. What can I wear immediately after breast surgery?

A. A post-surgical garment or camisole is perfect for immediate wear after surgery, even home from the hospital, and is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.  They are made from soft cotton with smooth interior seams and pockets to hold fiber-filled forms for a natural look.  Some have removable drain pouches, zippers or Velcro, and some can be stepped into.  

Q. After breast surgery am I at risk for lymphedema?

A. You may be at risk if lymph node dissection or radiation is involved. Read and follow our Avoiding Lymphedema Tips.