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Wound Care

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Q.  How does compression therapy help heal my leg ulcer?

A.  Compression therapy products, such as stockings, wraps, and compression pumps help manage leg ulcer healing, decreases the risk of recurring ulcers, and aids the return of blood to the heart.  

Q.  Will Medicare pay for the compression hose prescribed by the wound care clinic?

A.  Yes, if you have an open wound or sore that is being treated by a physician, Medicare will cover knee high compression hose as a “surgical dressing.”  Even then, Medicare will NOT cover compression hose if you have Home Health coming into your home, as the Home Health Agency is responsible for providing all needed “surgical dressings.”

Q.  What is a compression wrap?

A.  A wrap is a short-stretch garment that is an effective and easier-to-use alternative to multi-layered bandaging.  It is an effective solution for all management stages of venous ulcers and the recurrence of ulcers.  

Q.  My doctor said I needed a pump for my ulcers.  Will my insurance pay for it? 

A.  Most insurance plans do cover compression pumps venous ulcers.  Medicare and some insurance plans require that your doctor has been treating your ulcers for at least six months, and that you have already tried compression hose, elevation and exercise without success in healing your ulcers.  We will work directly with your doctor to get all the needed documentation that Medicare or your insurance requires.