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WHBaby Breast Pump

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Q. What kind of storage bags do you recommend? 

A. Many different brands are available.  If you are using our WHBaby breast pump, Lansinoh and Medela bags work well.  However, the Medela bags require the use of an adapter.

Q. How do I know if my flange on my breast pump is fitting correctly or if I need a bigger size.

A. Your WHBaby Breast Pump comes with two flange sizes.  Using the silicone flange cover it is 24 mm.  Without the silicone flange cover it is 27 mm.  We also have a 30 mm large pumping kit if needed.  Here is a link for how to measure for proper flange fitting.  

Q. How often should I pump?

A. Your pediatrician or lactation consultant is your best resource for this question, especially if your baby is in NICU or you cannot breastfeed.  However, most experts agree that 15-20 minutes per breast after each feeding is sufficient to build and maintain your milk supply.