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Bra Fitting

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Q. How important can a bra really be? 

A. The bra is the most important item of clothing a woman puts on in the morning. A great fitting bra that provides the proper support can enhance your appearance and your attitude. In some cases, having a properly fitted bra can make you look like you just lost 10 pounds.

Q. Can a poorly fitted bra lead to health problems?

A. Throughout a woman’s life her breasts are affected by that insidious enemy, gravity. Without proper support, the ligaments can stretch leading to prolonged sagging. In some women the nutrient-rich blood flow can be impeded and the lymphatic system that carries toxic products from the breast cannot function as efficiently. Some women have experienced headaches, neck pain, back strain, and indentations in their shoulders because the weight of the breast wasn’t properly distributed. With the right fit you can enhance your attractiveness and comfort while avoiding the ill-effects a poor fitting bra can have on your health and well-being.

Q. What should I look for in a professional bra fitting?

A. Look for a store with warm, friendly, certified fitters, like all our Women’s Health Boutique locations. Our boutiques offer a beautiful ambiance and private fitting rooms. Your fitter will teach you about proper fitting and how to correctly wear your bra to get the proper support. She is knowledgeable about what bra styles work well with each women’s unique body.

Q. Are my boobs doomed to sag?

A. Obviously, you want to preserve the round shape and firmness of your breast. Ligaments will lose elasticity with age, causing some “sagging” of you breasts such as pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone therapy, being overweight, a sudden loss of weight, going braless, wearing incorrectly fitted bra or having naturally large breast.  Let one of our trained bra fitters help you find a perfectly fit bra.

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