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Wilhemina Henrietta Bee.

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This is the story of Wilhemina Henrietta Bee (WHBee).

Wilhemina Henrietta Bee is a beautiful bumble bee whose life was overflowing with joy. She would zip and buzz all over town spreading happiness and cheer to everyone she met.

One day, Wilhemina Henrietta Bee got very sick. Even with her wonderful doctors and nurses, her supportive family and friends, she still lost one of her wings. She could no longer fly and she felt hopeless.

But then, she learned of Women's Health Boutique, a beautiful store just for her. Her new friends at Women's Health Boutique were able to fit her with a brand new wing! And with her new wing, she was able to fly again. .  higher and faster than ever before which meant she could spread happiness to more people than she ever imagined! As WHBee buzzes and zips around town, she’s spreading happiness and joy. . . to you!